Win $50,000 For Correctly Guessing Oreo’s New Mystery Flavor

Oreo is known for coming out with clever and delicious flavors of their popular sandwich cookie. Starting September 16th, the brand will be selling a new mystery flavor that could make you $50,000 richer.

The new cookies look like regular Oreos with dark chocolate sandwiching a white creme filling. But instead of the usual vanilla, they supposedly have a distinctively spicy flavor.

“Ready your mind and prepare your taste buds because the Mystery OREO could be anything, from a combination of two current Oreo flavors to an entirely new flavor,” the company said in a statement to TODAY.

There will be three different packages released that all contain a clue to help guide you to the right flavor. They will also reveal an additional clue every Monday on Oreo’s Facebook page.

You will have until November 10th to submit your guesses here.

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