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Herr’s Makes Crunchy & Sweet Cotton Candy Balls

Although this snack is not “new”, it has just recently been brought to our attention! Herr’s is selling Cotton Candy Balls that are crunchy and sweet. The balls, which were spotted by Instagram account @snackbetch, look almost exactly like cheese balls, just bright blue and, apparently, cotton candy-flavored.

“Herr’s Crunchy and Sweet Cotton Candy Balls! We found these at Big Lots but recently found out that they are also carried at Shop Rite, on Amazon, and some gas stations,” @snackbetch wrote in the caption, before pointing out that “people either love these or hate them.”

Reactions were definitely mixed in the comments. “Skeptical…but curious 🤔 haha,” one wrote. “Hate them. the caramel popcorn is good 🌈🍿though!” another person said. “IMO they’re ok really just taste like sugar not much Cotton candy flavor 😓,” someone else chimed in. Some said their kids loved them, while they hated them—which, fair. Others said they were dying to try them. “I need to find these at Big Lots 😮😋💙💙💙,” one wrote.

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