Busch Light and Crocs Team Up for an Outdoor Themed Footwear Line

In an intriguing blend of beverage and fashion, Busch Light has partnered with Crocs to launch a limited-edition line of footwear designed to enhance outdoor experiences. This collaboration introduces two distinct styles—a rugged sandal and an all-terrain clog—each equipped with features tailored for outdoor enthusiasts.

Unique Design Features

Both the sandals and clogs are crafted with all-terrain soles to handle various outdoor landscapes, from rocky paths to muddy trails. The designs incorporate flannel accents, reflecting a rustic aesthetic suited for wilderness adventures. Additionally, each pair of footwear comes with practical attached accessories: a roll-up koozie to keep your Busch Light chilled and a survival flashlight for those late-night treks.

Innovative Release Strategy

Emphasizing the theme of outdoor exploration, Busch Light has devised a unique promotional strategy that encourages fans to engage with nature. “Busch Light has urged fans to ‘Head to the Mountains’ since our iconic jingle debuted in 1979, and to get these Crocs at no cost, footwear enthusiasts will have to do just that,” explained Krystyn Stowe, Head of Marketing for Busch Family & Natural Family at Anheuser-Busch.

From now through May 31, fans can participate in the “Camp Out for Your Crocs” campaign by camping in the mountains and sharing their experience online. Participants are invited to upload a photo of their camping adventure to campoutforyourcrocs.com for a chance to win a free pair of the exclusive Crocs.

Additional Opportunities for Fans

Recognizing that not all fans are avid campers, Busch Light is also offering opportunities to win at various NASCAR events throughout May. Attendees at races at Kansas Speedway, Darlington Raceway, North Wilkesboro Speedway, and Charlotte Motor Speedway can set up their campsites and enter to win.

Pricing and Availability

For those looking to purchase these distinctive shoes, the Busch Light x Crocs All-Terrain Sandals are available for $65, while the All-Terrain Clogs are priced at $85. Both styles are available in men’s sizes 6-12 and can be purchased exclusively at Crocs.com starting May 6, until supplies last.

This collaboration between Busch Light and Crocs offers a creative fusion of style and functionality, catering to outdoor buffs and Crocs enthusiasts alike. With its innovative approach to engaging consumers and encouraging outdoor activities, this partnership not only highlights the brands’ commitment to creating unique consumer experiences but also capitalizes on the growing trend of adventure-themed merchandise. As summer approaches, these Crocs are set to be a hit among those looking to combine comfort with outdoor readiness.

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