Krispy Kreme Partners With Dolly Parton For New Southern Sweets Collection

Krispy Kreme has once again captured the spotlight with its latest collaboration with country music legend Dolly Parton. The new “Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection,” launched in May 2024, features four new doughnut flavors and a refreshing beverage that epitomize classic Southern desserts.

This limited-edition series includes:

  • Chocolate Crème Pie: A decadent chocolate glazed doughnut filled with a rich chocolate cream.
  • Banana Puddin’ Pie: A delightful twist on a Southern staple, this doughnut is filled with creamy banana pudding.
  • Peachy Keen Cobbler: Perfect for summer, this doughnut is filled with sweet, juicy peach cobbler filling.
  • Dolly Dazzler: A nod to Dolly herself, this pink, sparkly doughnut is as vibrant as its namesake.

To complement the doughnuts, the Peachy Keen Lemonade offers a sweet, refreshing drink option, perfect for the warm weather.

The collection has been warmly received by both doughnut lovers and Dolly Parton fans, blending iconic flavors with Dolly’s signature Southern charm. Each doughnut in the collection aims to bring a taste of Southern comfort food to Krispy Kreme stores nationwide, making this collaboration not just about the flavors but also about celebrating Southern culinary traditions.

Dolly Parton expressed her excitement about the collaboration, saying, “Having some of my very favorite southern flavors in one, unique doughnut collection from Krispy Kreme is so special to me,” highlighting the personal connection she feels with the flavors that remind her of home.

This collaboration is part of a broader trend where brands partner with celebrities to create unique, themed products that draw in fans and new customers alike. Krispy Kreme’s strategic partnership with Dolly Parton not only enhances their brand but also appeals to her vast fanbase, promising a special treat for those who appreciate a blend of music and culinary delight.

The Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection is available for a limited time across all participating Krispy Kreme locations. For those looking to experience these unique flavors, visiting your local Krispy Kreme sooner rather than later is advisable, as items like these often sell out quickly due to their limited availability and popular demand.

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