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Robert Downey Jr. Brews Happiness with New Coffee Brand

Hollywood’s beloved Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., is making a buzz in a different arena — the coffee industry. Known for his charismatic portrayals on the big screen, Downey is now set to captivate the coffee world with the launch of his new brand, aptly named ‘Happy’.

The brand, which promises to infuse joy into every cup, is a collaboration between Downey and Craig Dubitsky, the man behind successful ventures like eos and vegan oral care company hello products. This partnership aims to bring a unique blend of positivity and high-quality coffee to consumers worldwide.

“Coffee is a perfect substance. It is magical, consistent, and legal,” Downey Jr. told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was my mom’s beverage of choice, and I followed in her footsteps. I associate coffee with family, fellowship, going the extra mile, and une raison d’être.”

The coffee industry, a multi-billion dollar global market, is no stranger to celebrity endorsements and ventures. However, ‘Happy’ seeks to differentiate itself with its focus on positivity as a brand ethos. This concept is woven into every aspect of the product, from its sourcing to its packaging.

Sustainability and ethical sourcing are at the heart of ‘Happy’. The brand commits to using beans that are responsibly sourced, ensuring that every sip supports not just the taste buds but also the communities behind the brew.

As far as flavor goes, Happy is billing its brews with both literal and figurative attributes. The Extraordinary light roast, for example, tastes of “toasted biscotti and levity,” while the Magnificent medium roast contains hints of “berries and optimism.” The darker roasts, meanwhile, feature “sweet molasses and bliss” or “cacao and cheer,” among other combos. It’s a light-hearted take on a world that can sometimes seem unwelcoming to newcomers.

“Existing brands have focused on geography, energy, or tradition, and newer brands seem to focus on esoteric niches,” the company said. “Coffee is supposed to simply be something delicious we love and enjoy.”

The move into the coffee sector by Downey is reflective of a growing trend among celebrities diversifying into different business ventures. It also highlights the increasing consumer interest in brands that offer more than just a product, but a story and a set of values.

The company also partners with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to aid advocacy, education, support and public awareness of people and families affected by mental health conditions.

For more information on Robert Downey Jr.’s new coffee brand ‘Happy’, visit’s coverage of the launch.

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