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The Secret to Perfect McDonald’s-Style Fries at Home, According to a Former Corporate Chef

If you’ve ever craved the golden, crispy perfection of McDonald’s fries in the comfort of your own kitchen, there’s good news. A former McDonald’s corporate chef, Mike Haracz, has revealed a surprisingly simple method to recreate this fast-food favorite, making it a viral sensation.

Deep Dive into the Technique: Haracz’s revelation, which has amassed nearly 750,000 views on TikTok, centers around a particular brand of frozen fries and a special cooking technique. The chef recommends Great Value Thin Cut French Fried Potatoes, available at Walmart, as the closest match to McDonald’s own.

Cooking Process: The key to achieving that iconic McDonald’s taste and texture lies not just in the choice of fries but also in the cooking process. Haracz suggests deep-frying the potatoes at a temperature range of 360 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit. The duration is approximately two minutes, but he advises keen attention to variables like fryer type and oil used. Small batches are recommended for an even, desirable color.

The Secret Ingredient: In addition to the cooking method, Haracz introduces a somewhat secret ingredient: beef tallow. This rendered fat, when mixed with oil (two tablespoons per two cups of oil, as per his recommendation), is the secret weapon that gives the fries their distinctive flavor and crispiness. After frying, a generous sprinkle of Morton salt completes the transformation.

Skeptics Vs. Enthusiasts: Despite the buzz generated by Haracz’s video, opinions among fast-food enthusiasts are mixed. Some skeptics doubt that homemade fries can ever match up to McDonald’s, citing the convenience of a quick drive-thru as unbeatable. Others, however, are eager to replicate the recipe, intrigued by the prospect of homemade McDonald’s-style fries.

Wider Implications and Further Exploration: This development opens up broader discussions about recreating fast-food favorites at home. For those seeking more than just fries, an exploration of various frozen fry brands has been conducted, with a comprehensive list of the best ones available, providing a guide for those looking to broaden their homemade fry repertoire.

Whether you’re a fast-food aficionado or a curious home chef, the idea of making McDonald’s-style fries at home is certainly an enticing one. With Haracz’s insider tips, the perfect homemade rendition of this beloved fast-food item seems more achievable than ever.

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