Apple Pie Toast Crunch Arrives In Time For The Holidays

Cinnamon Toast Crush has been releasing some of the most delicious remixed versions of the classic cereal. Their newest flavor will have you celebrating the holidays with a big bowl of cereal. Apple Pie Toast Crunch, has officially hit some shelves across the US, and it will surpass all expectations.

The limited-edition cereal looks like the original sweetened whole wheat and rice cereal, but those square pieces are packed with apple pie flavor. Thanks to Instagram account @chriscerealcrusader, we know that the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor is already making its way to store shelves.

Now we know what you’re thinking, and we have the same worry. Does this mean that the seasonal Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch won’t be coming back this year? We have plenty of room in our bowls for two cereals, so fingers crossed we also get enjoy this fan favorite, too.

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