7-11 Is Adding A Drive-Thru Taco Restaurant For The First Time

Tacos and Slurpees?!?! Yes, PLEASE!!! 7-11 is adding a taco restaurant drive-thru for the first time and we are all for it. The new partnership is with Laredo Taco Company, which serves tacos on handmade flour tortillas made from scratch.

The new drive-thru is located in Dallas, Texas, connected to a restaurant with indoor seating, which also shares space with 7-Eleven’s newest Evolution location, according to a press release from the company.

“This is delicious news for customers of both 7-Eleven and Laredo Taco Company,” said Chris Tanco, 7-Eleven executive vice president and chief operating officer. “7-Eleven is known as a beverage destination, and Laredo Taco Company makes some of the best quick-serve Mexican food anywhere. Throw in the convenience of grabbing a taco paired with a Slurpee drink through a drive-thru, and it’s a match made in heaven.”

Laredo Taco Company is known for serving food not often included on menus at quick-service restaurants, including beef barbacoa, chorizo, carne asada and breakfast tacos made with freshly cracked eggs. The press release confirmed that customers at the new location will also have the option of ordering 7-Eleven Slurpees with their drive-thru orders.

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