Airhead Filled Ropes Are Being Launched This Year

Airheads are one of the most chewy, tasty and fruity candies out there and they have made a huge announcement. This year, Airhead Filled Ropes will be released and we can’t wait!

The Airheads Filled Ropes come in five flavors: Bluest Raspberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Orange. The Original Fruit flavors are long, skinny rope candies that are different colors on the outside with a white center. To coat the candy, there is some sort of sweet or sugary powder.

The Airhead Filled Ropes are expected to be available nationwide in late 2020. You’ll be able to find them in 2-ounce showbox packs ($1.09), which includes one of each flavor, so you can taste them all and find your favorite, and 5-ounce bags ($2.09).

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