Can You Do This Dance And Balance Challenge?

Dance challenges are usually difficult to learn but this one can get a little messy. These TikTokers are grabbing random items, placing them on their heads and shaking their hips like no other. Can you do it?


Amped it up 🤪 What item should I use next?

♬ original sound – Ana

Reply to @itsm3riann3 No worries!!! There was no broken glass…

♬ original sound – Ana

No me elimines este TikTok 😡😤 TAMOS EN LA ALBERQUITA @libardoisaza @amadorat ##trend

♬ original sound – Ana

Thanks for 10k!! Tried this trend with hot coffee, only had 1 shot, lol.

♬ original sound – Ana

Lmaoo ion know what top i thought I was tryna make 😭😭

♬ original sound – Ana

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