The Bentgo Classic Box: More Than Just a Lunch Container

In an era of fast food and quick bites, finding a way to pack a nutritious and portion-controlled meal has become a priority for many. Enter the Bentgo Classic Box, a product that is transforming the way we think about on-the-go meals.

Innovative Design for the Modern Individual

The Bentgo Classic Box is not just any ordinary lunch container. It’s thoughtfully designed, comprising two stackable containers that efficiently manage space and meal portions. The top container features dual compartments, each holding up to 3/4 cups of food. This makes it ideal for packing sides, snacks, or even desserts. On the other hand, the bottom container is spacious enough to hold 2 cups, which is perfect for your main dish.

Safety First

With concerns about the harmful effects of certain plastics, Bentgo ensures that your health is not compromised. The box is BPA-free, made with food-grade and eco-friendly materials. And the best part? It’s designed to endure daily wear and tear. Whether you need to microwave your meal, freeze it for later, or simply wash the box after use, the Bentgo Classic Box stands resilient. However, a word of caution: avoid microwaving or dishwashing the center divider to ensure its longevity.

Compact Storage and More

Worried about storage? The Bentgo Classic Box has you covered. The top container effortlessly nests inside the bottom one, ensuring compact storage. No more kitchen clutter or bulky lunch bags. Plus, with the added sealing strap and a 3-piece utensil set, you have everything you need for a fulfilling meal experience.

Making a Difference, One Box at a Time

But Bentgo is not just about offering a functional product. It’s a brand with a heart. Since its inception, Bentgo has been a staunch supporter of Feed the Children, a notable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Through this alliance, Bentgo is playing a pivotal role in offering hope and essential resources to hungry children and families. Remarkably, since 2017, Bentgo has contributed over $300,000 to this cause, fervently working towards eradicating hunger.

With the Bentgo Classic Box, you’re not just investing in a lunch container. You’re investing in quality, safety, and a brand that cares about the community. Every purchase comes with a sealing strap, a handy 3-piece utensil set, a comprehensive user manual, and an industry-leading 2-year warranty. Moreover, Bentgo’s commendable customer support ensures that you’re never alone in your journey towards healthier eating habits. Embrace the Bentgo way of life – where every meal is a step towards a better you and a better world.

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