Popular Opinion: Fries Should Be Sold in Buckets at Theaters

Popcorn is to movies what peanut butter is to jelly….but what if all that changed? What if theaters started selling buckets of french fries instead of popcorn?

Popcorn is the number one choice for theaters because it is cheap to make and they sell it at outrageous prices, making a huge profit. Movie theaters make an estimated 85 percent profit off of concession sales, and these sales are 46 percent of movie theater’s overall profits. Popcorn takes little maintenance and can be prepared in mass quantities before hand, also saving time.

French fries have to be prepared in a kitchen, and made fresh to order or they will become cold and soggy. French fries would also cost a lot more as well, leaving less profit for the movie theaters. Lastly, fries would be responsible for much more of a mess left behind for theater patrons to clean.

Although it seems popcorn is the better choice for movie theater owners, I stand by french fries being a better choice for me. Who is with me?

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