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Pizza Hut Japan Announces New Umegherita Pizza Using Plums

Pizza Hut Japan, known for its bold culinary innovations, has once again taken a creative leap by introducing the “Super New Star Umegherita,” a unique reinterpretation of the classic pizza Margherita. This new offering incorporates distinctly Japanese ingredients, transforming the traditional Italian favorite into a fusion that reflects local tastes.

About the Super New Star Umegherita

The standout feature of this novel pizza is the use of ume, or Japanese plums, a beloved ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Each slice of the Umegherita is adorned with its own whole umeboshi (pickled plum), lending a uniquely tangy flavor that contrasts with the savory aspects of the pizza.

Development and Ingredient Selection

The development of the Umegherita was a meticulous process, conducted in partnership with Tokyo’s umeboshi specialty stand, Tachigui Umeboshiya. The teams initially reviewed around 300 varieties of pickled plums before narrowing the field to 16 promising candidates. After extensive testing, the Shirara variety, a type of Kishunanko plum grown in Wakayama — Japan’s leading ume-producing region — was selected. These plums are known for their thick skin and a balanced flavor profile that combines sour and sweet notes, making them ideal for enhancing the culinary experience of the pizza.

Culinary Details

In addition to the unique use of umeboshi, the Umegherita features a blend of mozzarella and gouda cheeses, topped with a pink ume sauce to intensify the plum flavor. The pizza is further distinguished by leaves of oba, sometimes known as “Japanese basil,” which replace the traditional basil typically found on a pizza Margherita. This substitution not only adds a local twist but also complements the plum flavors with its minty notes. The finishing touch is a sprinkle of salt over the crispy crust, a nod to the pickling process of the umeboshi.

Cultural and Market Impact

This innovative creation is part of a broader trend in Japan where Western dishes are adapted to include local ingredients, reflecting the country’s culinary creativity and preference for fusion cuisine. Pizza Hut Japan’s approach aligns with their ongoing strategy to engage consumers with unique flavor combinations that challenge traditional pizza toppings.


The Umegherita is available at participating Pizza Hut locations across Japan until June 12, priced at 2,600 yen for a medium-sized pizza. It can also be purchased as part of a two-pizza comparison pack or with a pair of alcoholic beverages, acknowledging that the unusual flavor might be best appreciated with a drink in hand.

Pizza Hut Japan’s Super New Star Umegherita exemplifies the innovative spirit of the global brand, successfully merging traditional Japanese flavors with the universal appeal of pizza. This launch not only caters to local tastes but also attracts culinary adventurers eager to experience new and unconventional flavor profiles. As Pizza Hut continues to explore culturally inspired menus, it sets a high bar for creativity and customer engagement in the fast-food industry.

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