Hidden Valley Makes Ready To Eat Pepperoni Pizza Dip

When the munchies hit, one classic combination you can eat to cure your cravings is pizza and ranch. Now you can enjoy pepperoni pizza flavored dip made by Hidden Valley (so you know it has great ranch flavor).

The resealable tub weighs in at 24 oz. (1 lbs 8 oz). The suggestion is to serve it hot, and you can microwave it right in the container it comes in. According to SamsClub.com, this is the following description: “Creamy blend of cheese, zesty pepperoni and signature Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning.”

You can find Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip exclusively at Sam’s Club in 1.5-pound containers for $8.48. While you can’t order this cheesy dip online, you can buy it on Sam’s Club website for pickup at a Sam’s Club location.

If going to Sam’s Club is not an option for you, make it at home! Check out the video below!

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