There Is A “Rare” Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Listed For $24,999

Taco Bell hot sauce packets may be given out for free, but for some reason they are a hot commodity on eBay lately. You can buy a lot of rare hot sauce packets or you can buy a single (very expensive) “rare” Taco Bell packet.

Although most of these eBay postings seem to be listed as a joke, some of the packets are actually selling. According to the site, one lot of 40 hot sauce packets sold for $12.99. 

The “rare” Taco Bell packet listed for sale for almost $25,000 is what the seller calls a misprint. The packet is blank, being left with no words printed on it at all. Although the seller claims this is a super rare occurrence, some people on Reddit beg to differ.

If nostalgia is more your thing, you can purchase a vintage style Taco Bell hot sauce packet for a little over $100. I wonder how that tastes????

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