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Starbucks Launches Pork Latte To Celebrate The Lunar New Year

Starbucks has stirred up the coffee scene in China with its quirky “Abundant Year Savory Latte,” launched to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Imagine sipping on a latte that swirls together the robustness of espresso, the creaminess of steamed milk, and the unexpected tang of braised pork sauce. Yes, you read that right – pork sauce! Topped off with a slice of pork breast meat artfully skewered on the mug, this latte is not just a drink but a conversation starter.

The drink’s price, at 68 yuan (about $9.45), reflects its novelty. It’s a playful blend of tradition and modernity, tying in the Lunar New Year theme with the customary prosperity associated with eating meat. Starbucks describes this creation as a fusion of “traditional New Year customs and coffee,” offering a surprising mix of savory and sweet.

During the Lunar New Year, millions travel across China for family reunions and feasts featuring regional delicacies, including Dongpo rou, a succulent, braised pork belly dish named after the renowned poet Su Dongpo. Starbucks’ latte pays homage to this culinary tradition.

Starbucks, amidst fierce competition in China’s booming coffee market, continues to innovate. This pork latte is just one of the new holiday-themed flavors, alongside a jujube macchiato and an almond tofu macchiato. These flavors, inspired by New Year’s rice cakes, add to the festive spirit.

This unique offering has sparked a buzz on Chinese social media, with mixed reactions ranging from curiosity to skepticism. Some wonder if the high price justifies the experience, while others humorously ponder the combination of coffee and pork in one sip. Despite these mixed reviews, the drink’s novelty has led to it selling out in some locations.

In summary, Starbucks’ pork latte is more than just a beverage; it’s a bold culinary experiment that marries traditional Chinese flavors with the universal appeal of coffee, making this Lunar New Year an unforgettable one.

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