Spaghetti Burger With Deep Fried Noodle Bun

If you ever found yourself wondering how you can eat spaghetti without a knife and fork, this recipe is perfect for you! This Spaghetti Burger With Deep Fried Noodle Bun recipe takes a classic meal and turns it into a delicious fried masterpiece.

  1. Take cooked spaghetti and flatten it out between two pieces of wax paper and freeze it.
  2. An hour later, remove the buns and carefully shape into discs with a knife and upside-down glass.
  3. Coat the buns with flour, dip into an egg wash and coat with Italian breadcrumbs.
  4. With a fryer set to 375 degrees, deep fry the buns for a minute and a half.

For complete instructions on how to make the Spaghetti Burger, visit Dude Foods HERE!

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