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Sour Patch Kids Makes Jelly Beans And We Need Them All!

There are so many different flavors of Jelly Beans to enjoy on Easter, but Frankford Candy is here for the win! Make your Easter sour and then sweet with Sour Patch Kids Jelly Beans.

The new jelly beans come in five multi-colored and fruity flavors: blue raspberry, lemon, lime, orange, and redberry. You can add a 13 oz.-bag of Sour Patch Kids Jelly Beans to your cart at Target for the low-price of $2.99.

Sour Patch Kids Jelly

If jelly beans just aren’t your jam, you can also pick up a movie theater box of Sour Patch Bunnies at Target for just $1.  If that is not good enough, you can get a whole 5 lb bag of them on Amazon!

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