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Good Humor Quietly Discontinues A Classic Ice Cream Bar

Since its inception in 1920, Good Humor has been a household name, synonymous with sweet treats and ice cream joy. With the sound of its iconic ice cream truck jingle echoing in neighborhoods across America, Good Humor has embedded itself in the fabric of our culture. However, as we adjust to the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of the consumer market, we bid a somber farewell to a beloved classic – Good Humor’s Toasted Almond Bar, quietly discontinued in 2022.

In order to appreciate the magnitude of this farewell, let’s delve into the captivating journey of Good Humor, where it all began with the invention of the ice cream on a stick.

The birth of Good Humor can be traced back to the roaring twenties. The founder, Harry Burt, an Ohio-based candy maker, was eager to find a way to make ice cream easier to eat on the go. His ingenious solution – putting it on a stick – changed the landscape of American desserts forever. His creation, the Good Humor bar, got its name from the belief that a person’s “humor” or temperament, was related to the sense of taste.

The initial Good Humor bar was chocolate-coated, but it wasn’t long before the line expanded. Among these new additions, introduced during the 1960s, was the Toasted Almond Bar. This was no ordinary ice cream. Its creamy vanilla core, encrusted with crunchy, toasted almonds, was a true game-changer. Its uniquely luxurious texture and taste made it an instant classic, cherished by children and adults alike.

The rise of Good Humor continued, with its fleet of white trucks becoming a common sight in neighborhoods throughout the United States. The truck drivers, known as “Good Humor Men”, would serve up sweet treats with a smile, creating fond memories for generations. The Toasted Almond Bar was often a staple of their wares, a consistent top-seller across decades.

Fast forward to 2022, and we find ourselves saying goodbye to the Toasted Almond Bar. The decision to discontinue this beloved treat came quietly, without much fanfare. It’s speculated that changing consumer preferences and the increased demand for novel, innovative flavors likely played a role in the farewell of this classic. The world of ice cream has seen a surge of artisanal flavors, vegan alternatives, and diet-friendly options. In this ever-competitive landscape, it seems the Toasted Almond Bar has made its final bow.

The discontinuation of the Toasted Almond Bar marks the end of an era for Good Humor. But as we bid farewell to this classic, it’s worth remembering that Good Humor’s essence goes beyond a single bar. It’s about capturing the nostalgia of a sunny afternoon, the joy of hearing the ice cream truck around the corner, and the excitement of biting into a cool, delicious treat.

While the Toasted Almond Bar may no longer grace the freezers of our local stores, it remains a cherished part of our collective memory. As Good Humor continues to evolve and adapt to changing tastes, one can only wonder what novel delights the brand will whip up next. Whatever they may be, they’ll join the ranks of a long and storied history that stretches back over a century, rooted in innovation, and flavored with nostalgia.

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