Giant Ice Cube Skulls Are Perfect For Your Party Drinks

Whether you are simply wanting to keep your drink cold longer or you want to be the cool guy at the party, these giant ice cube skulls will be added to your wish list.

If skulls are not your thing, Shaped offers a number of different ice cube molds that bring fun and exciting shapes, figures, and patters into your ice cubes to help make your drinks fun.


  1. Wash your trays by hand when you receive them, or place them in the dishwasher prior to your first use.
  2. Fill the lower tray about ½ way with a liquid of your choice.
  3. Cover the lower tray with the upper tray and ensure that it is secure by pressing down gently and releasing excess liquid.
  4. Place your trays in the freezer and let them sit for at least 6 hours. In order to prevent from creating an ice block, stack it with a heavy item.
  5. Twist, open, and remove your new 3D skull ice cubes!

You can buy the skull molds here!

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