Fruit Roll-Ups Releases Warning Not To Eat Plastic Wrapper After TikTok Trend Goes Viral

TikTok has brought us many interesting trends over the years, but the newest trend has a popular snack company warning their consumers not to eat plastic. If you do not already know, the trend involves stuffing the fruit snack with ice cream, freezing it and eating it like a dessert burrito. Fruit Roll-Ups released a statement requesting buyers to remember there is plastic wrap surrounding the Fruit Roll-Up and not to eat it. This statement comes after one video of the trend went viral and viewers realized the woman had not taken the plastic off before eating it.

“GIRL DID YOU EAT THE PLASTIC,” one commenter wrote.

@hollyberry09 Frozen roll ups in general are 😩🤤🔥 #foodie #foodtok #fruitrollup #frozenfruitrollup #snacktok #viralsnacks #trending ♬ original sound – Holly

Many brands of fruit roll-ups are individually wrapped in plastic for convenience and portability. It’s important to note that while the plastic wrapping itself is not edible, it is generally considered safe for food contact and is approved for use in food packaging by regulatory agencies. However, it’s always a good idea to minimize your use of single-use plastics whenever possible, and to properly dispose of any packaging in accordance with local regulations.

In several follow-up videos, Holly tried to prove that she wasn’t eating plastic and opened several other frozen packages to show that there was no visible plastic inside them.

@hollyberry09 Replying to @certifiedliv #frozenfruitrollup #wherestheplastic #foodtok #foodie #viralsnacks ♬ original sound – Holly

After the videos went viral, Fruit Roll-Ups released it’s own official statement regarding the plastic.

“legal is making me clarify that you should not attempt to eat plastic,” the post caption read, before showing a woman opening a frozen Fruit Roll-Up in the video, biting into it and showing that — yep — there’s plastic in there!”

Holly hasn’t yet posted a response video to the company.

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