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Coca-Cola Has a New Vanilla Float Flavor That Sounds Like a Dream

Coca-Cola is known for releasing delicious and unique flavors all around the world. Their newest flavor will have you taking your next vacation to Japan just to get a taste. It’s called Coca-Cola Vanilla Float and as for right now, it is a Japan exclusivity.

Word has spread to the U.S about the new flavor and it has people begging for a bottle. “Let’s sponsor one foodie to go out to Japan and get us a whole bunch of these,” one person suggested.

But at least one person said the yummy-sounding flavor isn’t as exciting IRL as it seems. “It’s a letdown, it’s basically just Japan’s version of Vanilla Coke SMFH,” they wrote.

Really want to get your hands on a bottle, but don’t want to travel all the way around the world? The website is currently selling them for $4.99 a bottle (plus shipping), Napa Japan had it for $5.99 (though it’s currently sold out), and you can find it on eBay for $14.

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