Chicago Restaurant Serves Whole BBQ Alligator and Australian Camel

One Chicago restaurant is taking dining experiences to a whole new level with their “whole animal experience” meal. This unique dish features a whole smoked, marinaded and bbq alligator big enough to feed 12-15 people.

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GO BIG or go home 🐊

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At Frontier restaurant, diners can tuck into an array of exotic ingredients, from elk to Australian camel. It also comes with an array of mouthwatering sides, including Shrimp and sausage jambalaya, five-cheese mac, Caesar salad with polenta croutons, seasonal vegetables, buttered rolls and herb butter.

Unsurprisingly, ordering something as unusual as an entire alligator isn’t straightforward. Frontier state that customers have to preorder the bbq alligator dish at least “7 days” before visiting the restaurant. 

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