Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Poutine

If you’re not near the lovely country of Canada, nor are you familiar with Poutine, you’re in for a cultural treat! Hellthy Junk Food breakdowns what a traditional poutine is, while going that extra nine… wrapping it in bacon and of course frying in oil.


  • French Fries
  • Cheese Curds
  • Chicken Gravy
  • 1 Giant Tortilla
  • 4 Strips Bacon (diced inside)
  • 6 Strips Bacon (wrapped around)
  • Oil for frying…


  1. Poutine is a combination of french fries, cheese curds and a light brown gravy. You can feel free to make all these components by hand, or you can choose to buy them like we did.
  2. Now that you have poutine… Let’s just pour that into a giant tortilla wrap.
  3. We wanted some additional bacon on the inside, so we added 4 strips of diced up bacon as well.
  4. Wrap this entire thing up.
  5. Now grab your bacon strips and wrap it around the outside of the burrito. Make sure to use a toothpick to hold the bacon together on one side.
  6. Do this about six times until it covers the entire burrito.
  7. Deep Fry at 350°F for 3 minutes or until the bacon is dark and crispy.
  8. Let it drain and cool down and then remove the toothpicks.
  9. Cut in half or quarters and share with a group of people without too serious of health issues.

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