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Wendy’s Teams With Cinnabon To Create Delicious New Breakfast Item

Wendy’s is sweetening its breakfast lineup with a new treat that comes from an unusual place: Another fast food chain.

Wendy’s is enhancing its breakfast lineup with the introduction of the Cinnabon Pull-Apart, an inventive twist on the classic cinnamon roll, created in partnership with Cinnabon. Scheduled for release on February 26, this sweet addition complements Wendy’s savory breakfast options, celebrating the fourth anniversary of its breakfast menu.

This collaboration with Cinnabon is part of Wendy’s broader strategy to diversify and enrich its breakfast offerings. The Cinnabon Pull-Apart is designed to offer a unique, indulgent experience, combining the familiar flavors of a cinnamon roll with a convenient, shareable format.

Alongside the Cinnabon Pull-Apart, Wendy’s continues to explore new menu items and collaborations to cater to varied customer tastes and preferences. This approach not only expands Wendy’s breakfast repertoire but also aligns with the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

McDonald’s has also been experimenting with Krispy Kreme to sell their donuts at some restaurants in Indiana and Kentucky. Perhaps Wendy’s adding cinnamon pull-aparts might entice some dissatisfied customers of McDonald’s, which last year scrapped its McCafé bakery lineup that also included a cinnamon roll.

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