Planters Introduces New Mascot “Baby Nut” During Superbowl

Planters had Twitter buzzing for weeks with the announcement of a planned Mr. Peanut funeral for the Super Bowl. With the death of a long time mascot legend comes the birth of their new mascot, Baby Nut.

During the ad, mourners like Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man gathered to pay their respects. But as a tear drops from the Kool-Aid Man’s eye to the burial below, a peanut plant springs up and out pops a baby Mr. Peanut.

The specifics of what exactly happened are unclear, but Baby Nut says “I’m back,” seeming to imply he is Mr. Peanut reincarnated?

If you find Baby Nut endearing, there’s already plenty of swag for you to enjoy like sweatshirts, baby onesies, and hats. And if you happen to spot the NUTmobile, you can grab yourself a Baby Nut sticker.

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