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Over 20,000 lbs. of Frozen Beef Products Recalled Due To Lack of Inspection

The USDA has announced a significant recall of approximately 20,111 pounds of various frozen raw beef products due to a lapse in import reinspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) upon entry into the United States. Although no illnesses have been reported from the recalled products, the FSIS urges caution.

Details of the Recall

The recalled raw beef items originated from Uruguay around March 17, 2024. The FSIS is particularly concerned that some of these products may still be in the freezers of consumers, distributors, restaurants, retailers, or institutions.

Identifying the Recalled Beef

Consumers and businesses are advised to check their freezers for the recalled products, which are marked with Uruguay establishment number “58” printed inside the Uruguay inspection mark. This marking can be found on both the shipping box and the vacuum-sealed product inside the box. The affected products were distributed to locations in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington.

Specific Products Recalled

The following products are included in the recall:

  • Frigorífico Casa Blanca S.A. AGUJA CHUCK ROLL (case code JP0001)
  • Frigorífico Casa Blanca S.A. ASADO SIN HUESO SHORT RIB (case code JP0002)
  • Frigorífico Casa Blanca S.A. BIFE ANCHO CUBE ROLL (case code JP0003)
  • Frigorífico Casa Blanca S.A. BIFE ANGOSTO STRIPLOIN (case code JP0004)
  • Frigorífico Casa Blanca S.A. BIFE GRANDE DE VACÍO FLAP MEAT (case code JP0005)
  • Frigorífico Casa Blanca S.A. CARNAZA DE PALETA SHOULDER CLOD (case code JP0006)
  • Frigorífico Casa Blanca S.A. LOMO TENDERLOIN (case code JP0007)
  • Frigorífico Casa Blanca S.A. MARUCHA OYSTER BLADE (case code JP0008)
  • Frigorífico Casa Blanca S.A. PECHO BRISKET (case code JP0009)

Photos of the product labels can be found on the USDA website to aid in identification.

What to Do if You Have the Recalled Beef

Individuals and businesses who have purchased the recalled beef are urged not to consume or serve it. The products should be disposed of or returned to the place of purchase.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding the recall, consumers can contact Tim Yu, Accountant and Logistics Director at South American Meat Inc., at 310-720-5258 or via email at

Importance of Food Safety

The FSIS emphasizes the importance of food safety and regular inspections to prevent such lapses. Proper inspection ensures that imported products meet U.S. safety standards, protecting consumers from potential health risks.

For more information on food recalls and safety tips, consumers can visit the FSIS website or the USDA’s official page. Stay informed and ensure your food is safe to eat by regularly checking for recalls and adhering to food safety guidelines.

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