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McDonald’s Japan Gets Creative with Shrimp Nuggets

In the world of fast food, the word “nuggets” has become synonymous with bite-sized, breaded chicken delights. But what if you could have nuggets with something other than chicken? Well, McDonald’s Japan is proving that you can, as they introduce their latest menu addition: shrimp nuggets.

These aren’t technically labeled “McNuggets,” but go by the name “Puripuri Ebi Purio.” While the name may seem a bit puzzling, it holds meaning. “Puripuri” in Japanese refers to a plump and firm texture giving way to tenderness, which perfectly describes the ideal mouthfeel for cooked shrimp. “Ebi” simply means shrimp in Japanese. The “Purio” part might be a playful nod to “Filet-O,” the Japanese pronunciation of McDonald’s flagship fish sandwich, the Filet-O-Fish, with a subtle twist to emphasize the shrimp’s unique “puripuri” quality.

Language aside, one thing is certain: these shrimp nuggets are poised to be delicious. Shrimp cutlet sandwiches have long been a favorite among savvy Japanese fast food enthusiasts. With five shrimp nuggets in each order, the Puripuri Ebi Purio is set to steal the spotlight, even if McDonald’s is promoting them as a side dish.

In addition to the five-piece Puripuri Ebi Purio side order, available starting at 260 yen, McDonald’s will also offer a Tabekurabe (“eating comparison”) Set, featuring five Puripuri Ebi Purio, five Chicken McNuggets, and a serving of French fries for 620 yen. While French fries might not directly fit the “comparison” theme, they’re always a welcomed addition to any meal.

McDonald’s Japan is also promoting the Puripuri Ebi Purio with a quirky commercial featuring actress Sairi Ito, a werewolf, a mummy, and Frankenstein’s monster, because Japanese advertising is never afraid to get a little weird.

The Puripuri Ebi Purio go on sale September 20 and will be available for a limited time.

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