Make Your Super Bowl Party Extra Special With A Chili Cheese Keg

Nothing says Super Bowl Sunday like a good old fashion chili cheese hot dog. Hormel has created a way to make your favorite game day food party ready with their Chili Cheese Keg (tap and all)!

The Hormel Chili Cheese Keg is a full size 15 gallon keg that combines their best selling chili with delicious cheese. It comes with plenty of features including “a proprietary adjustable internal heating element, a tap handle in the shape of the iconic Hormel Chili can, and a chili-cheese pump that ensures optimal pouring.” Plus, once you’ve cleared out all of its chili goodness, Hormel says the keg can be refilled for future use.

“We know fans want to snack big when they watch the most important football game of the year, but they also want to add some excitement to their usual options,” Corrine Hjelmen, Hormel Chili’s brand manager, stated. “We thought what better way to show our fans how Hormel Chili can pour on the excitement than by creating a never-before attempted innovation.”

Unfortunately, this heavenly invention will not be available for purchase in stores. One lucky winner will be delivered the chili cheese keg in time for Super Bowl Sunday. Entries will be accepted at until February 6, 2022.


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