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Coca Cola Is Retiring This Classic Soda After Nearly 60 Years

Coca Cola has just announced the retirement of one of it’s most famous sodas. If you were born in the 80’s, you probably remember the classic diet soda “Tab”, either because you drank it or knew the handshake. Unfortunately after the start of the new year, the soda will be no more.

Tab first debuted in 1963 and was marketed toward women and was the drink that paved the way for all other diet sodas. Without Tab, there would be no Diet Coke today.

“We’re forever grateful to Tab for paving the way for the diets and lights category, and to the legion of Tab lovers who have embraced the brand for nearly six decades,” Kerri Kopp, the group director for Diet Coke at Coca-Cola North America, said in a news release. “If not for Tab, we wouldn’t have Diet Coke or Coke Zero Sugar. Tab did its job.”

Kopp said retiring Tab products would clear the way for more investment in a “one-two punch with a pair of complementary, powerhouse brands.”

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