Chicken Parmesan Dip

This chicken dip recipe is perfect for game day, parties, tailgating, etc.  It never hurts to have more dip recipes on hand! Your guests will be treated to a warm, baked spread that tastes exactly like chicken Parmesan.

Parmesan Dip

“I love chicken Parmesan, and I love hot, baked dips, so it was only a matter of time before I did a hot chicken Parmesan dip. I would make this again even if it were hard to do, but luckily it’s super easy. Unlike actual chicken Parmesan where that crispy breading gets soggy super fast, this goes over crunchy toast so the textural experience is probably even better. Serve Parmesan Dip hot, warm, or room temperature, with lots of crispy crostini.”

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