Pickle Flavored Seltzer Is Here In Honor Of Pickle Rick

If you love pickle juice and are aboard the seltzer drinking train, the perfect drink will be available to you for a limited time. Adult Swim has partnered with Miracle Seltzer to launch the Pickle Rick flavor inspired by the Rick and Morty show.

Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer is made with pickle juice and pure carbonated water, so it’s like pickle juice has gotten a fizzy makeover. It was formulated to relieve muscle cramps and replenish electrolytes, and does not contain sugar, caffeine, or artificial flavors or colors.

The new beverage has been available to purchase online since November 7th with no word on when it will disappear.

You can order the 10-ounce cans in a single can for $2.99 or 12-pack for $23.88. They’re available on Miracle Seltzer, as well as select retailers, including Extra Butter in New York, Burgerlords in Los Angeles, Fetch Park in Atlanta, Hungry Ghost Press in Rhode Island, Sticky’s in New York and New Jersey, and everywhere there is a DashMart on DoorDash.

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