McDonald’s Sweetens the Deal with Krispy Kreme and Spicy Returns

A Delicious Twist to the Golden Arches

Get ready for a sweeter experience at McDonald’s! The fast-food giant is teaming up with Krispy Kreme to offer a delightful range of doughnuts at its restaurants across the country. Customers can indulge in three popular flavors from Krispy Kreme, including the classic Original Glazed, the Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, and a sumptuous Chocolate Iced Cream-Filled doughnut. These doughnuts will complement McDonald’s existing dessert menu, featuring their iconic soft serve ice cream. What a delectable duo!

Phased Rollout: Patience is Sweet

However, don’t rush to your local McDonald’s just yet. Initially, this sugary treat will be available in 160 locations across Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, as part of a menu test. McDonald’s plans a gradual rollout, aiming to make Krispy Kreme doughnuts a nationwide offering by 2026. While they won’t sport the ‘hot now’ sign like in Krispy Kreme stores, McDonald’s assures that these doughnuts will be delivered fresh daily from dedicated kitchens.

Krispy Kreme Upscales for the Demand

To meet the anticipated surge in demand, Krispy Kreme is expanding its supply chain and workforce. “Bringing Krispy Kreme to every town is our top request,” stated Josh Charlesworth, President and CEO of Krispy Kreme. This partnership with McDonald’s is set to make this dream a reality, giving doughnut lovers across the country daily access to fresh Krispy Kreme delights.

A Spicy Surprise: McNuggets Make a Comeback

Amidst the sweet news, McDonald’s is also bringing back a fan-favorite spice fest – the Spicy Chicken McNuggets. Temporarily returning to the menu, these nuggets, coated in chili and cayenne pepper, offer a fiery twist to the classic snack. Available in various sizes, they’re a must-try while they last.

Fridays Just Got Better

To sweeten the deal, don’t forget about Free Fries Friday. With a $1 minimum purchase through the app, customers can grab a free medium fries, making it a perfect complement to the spicy McNuggets. With rising menu prices, this is a bargain you wouldn’t want to miss.

McDonald’s latest offerings are set to create waves in the fast-food scene, offering a perfect blend of sweet and spicy for every palate. Keep an eye on your local McDonald’s for these exciting additions!

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