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Italians Furious Over Pineapple Pizza Debut In Naples

In a bold culinary move, renowned Neapolitan pizza chef Gino Sorbillo has dared to defy tradition by adding a pineapple pizza to his menu in Naples, Italy. Sorbillo, belonging to one of Naples’ oldest and most respected pizza families, is challenging the entrenched norms of Italian pizza making, one slice at a time.

Pineapple Pizza: An Unconventional Choice

Traditionally, pineapple as a pizza topping has been a subject of heated debate, particularly in Italy, the birthplace of pizza. However, Sorbillo’s adventurous spirit led him to introduce this controversial topping at his Pizzeria Presepe Napoletano Ostaria in Naples. His nontraditional creation is a pizza bianca, which eschews the classic tomato sauce base for a combination of smoked provola and two types of smoked cacioricotta cheese. The pizza is then topped with twice-cooked pineapple, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and garnished with fresh basil.

The Social Media Uproar

Sorbillo’s decision to top a pizza with pineapple was met with immediate backlash on social media, sparking a fiery debate between traditionalists and those open to culinary innovation. “Surely 99% of the ‘Neapolitan Pineapple Pizza skeptics’ have never tried it,” Sorbillo wrote on Instagram, challenging the naysayers to taste before judging. His post, featuring him surrounded by pineapples, attracted hundreds of comments from both supporters and detractors.

Critics argue that as an ambassador of Neapolitan culinary culture, Sorbillo should focus on traditional gastronomy rather than adopting ‘Made in the USA’ trends. Supporters, on the other hand, commend his experimental approach, suggesting that cooking should be dynamic and evolve with time, not bound by rigid traditions.

Pushing Culinary Boundaries Further

Unfazed by the criticism, Sorbillo has continued his culinary explorations. On December 31, he introduced another unorthodox pizza featuring ketchup — but not the typical American variety. This creation uses a homemade sauce made from Italian red and yellow datterini tomatoes, topped with smoked provola, offering a unique twist to the classic condiment.

Sorbillo’s Philosophy on Food Innovation

Gino Sorbillo’s approach to pizza making is grounded in the belief that culinary art should be open to evolution and experimentation. He views each dish as a potential masterpiece, irrespective of its traditional status. His efforts are not just about creating new flavors but also about challenging perceptions and encouraging open-mindedness in the world of gastronomy.

A Slice of Culinary Rebellion

While Italy, particularly Naples, holds its pizza to the highest traditional standards, chefs like Sorbillo are demonstrating that there’s room for both respect for tradition and culinary creativity. As the debate over pineapple on pizza rages on, Sorbillo’s daring creations serve as a reminder that sometimes, a little controversy can be the ingredient needed to keep the culinary world spinning on its delicious axis.

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