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Burger King Employee Who Goes 27 Years Without Missing Day of Work Buys Home Thanks To TikTok

In an uplifting turn of events, Kevin Ford, a loyal Burger King employee for 27 years, has achieved the dream of homeownership, thanks to the overwhelming support from a GoFundMe campaign initiated by his daughter. This heartwarming story underscores the power of community support and the impact of social media in transforming lives.

The Viral TikTok Video

Ford’s journey to homeownership began when he captivated social media users in 2022 with a TikTok video showcasing modest gifts he received from Burger King in honor of his 27 years of unwavering commitment to the fast-food chain. The gifts included a movie ticket, a Starbucks cup, a bag of Reese’s Pieces, two packs of Life Savers, two pens, a lanyard, and two keychains. Despite the simplicity of these tokens, Ford expressed immense gratitude and humility in the video and subsequent comments.

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Daughter’s Initiative Leads to a Life-Changing Campaign

Moved by her father’s dedication and the public’s response, Ford’s daughter, Seryna, launched a GoFundMe campaign to support her father further. The campaign, initially aimed at raising funds for Ford to visit his family, resonated with people worldwide, eventually raising over $440,000. Ford began working at Burger King as a single father after gaining custody of his daughters. He continued his job there to provide for his growing family and ensure full healthcare coverage through his employer’s unionized benefits.

A New Chapter in Life

On December 29, Ford shared a video with his TikTok followers, revealing the fruit of this collective effort – his very first home. “I know it’s not a mansion, but it’s mine,” he stated, expressing his heartfelt gratitude to supporters globally. He described his achievement as “truly an American dream” and “a Christmas miracle,” thanking everyone for making what he once thought impossible, possible: homeownership.


Kevin Ford’s story is a testament to the enduring spirit of hard work and the kindness of strangers. It highlights how a simple act of sharing on social media can spark a wave of generosity, leading to life-changing outcomes. Ford’s experience is more than just a personal victory; it’s an inspiring example of how communities can come together to support and uplift one another.

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