Applebee’s Worker Shows How $1 Margaritas Are Made “That’s Why Y’all Be Mad Sick”

On the culinary side of TikTok, known as FoodTok, a resurgence of Applebee’s $1 margaritas – affectionately termed “Dollarita” – has taken the platform by storm. This drink revival comes after a hiatus of over three years. The buzz ignited when Laila (@lailasmaidi), a TikTok user and Applebee’s bartender, pulled back the curtain on the famed Dollarita’s creation process.

Inside the Dollarita Concoction

In her trending video, Laila takes her viewers through a step-by-step tutorial. Beginning with a large mixing bucket, she incorporates two bottles of Triple Sec. What follows is a splash of lime juice, topped off by the unmistakable addition of two bottles of tequila, and a final zest of lime. Laila completes the mixture by giving it a thorough whisking, with the finished product carried away by a colleague.

Laila aptly labeled the clip, “$1 margaritas at Applebee’s.” It garnered attention, racking up nearly 44,000 views, prompting both praise and scrutiny from viewers. Some comments ranged from cheering the affordability – with a user declaring, “What a steal” – to others pointing out perceived shortfalls like, “You missed when y’all dilute it with water,” and concerns over sanitary measures, “Where are the gloves?”

The Story Behind the Dollarita’s Return

Diving deeper, the Dollarita, as listed on Applebee’s official site, combines tequila, triple sec, and lime, and has been reintroduced for a special October promotion. Its hiatus, as sources from Overproof suggest, was attributed to hurdles posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which eventually led to its transformation into the pricier ‘Mucho Sips’ offer.

So, what catalyzed its grand return? Economic fluctuations and a shift in consumer spending habits played a role. As reported by The Daily Mail, Applebee’s discerned a trend of frugality among consumers, likely driven by inflation and escalating interest rates. Applebee’s CEO, John Peyton, shared insights on the company’s strategy, noting an industry-wide tilt towards promotions that potentially impacted their quarter.

In wrapping up, the Dollarita saga offers more than just a lesson in mixology. It highlights the power of social media in driving trends, the responsiveness of brands to market dynamics, and most importantly, the evolving relationship between businesses and consumers in a post-pandemic landscape.

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