These Loaded Lobster Waffle Fries Are EVERYTHING

If you are craving delicious and unique dishes, you need to head to Sauced Up in South St. Cerritos, California. They have everything from Pork Belly Fries to Manilla Clams, but their loaded fries make the whole trip worth it. Their Loaded Lobster Waffle Fries include Lobster, Cheddar Jack, Cheese Curds, Chipotle Mayo, Pesto Aioli, Pico de Gallo, Green Onions and Cilantro. Can you say YUM!!!

“We just wanted to do stuff that we just wanted to do, try something different,” said Carson resident Mike Nocos, owner of Sauced Up, who admits to coming up with some of his more outrageous combos while downing a few beers with his chef and long time friend Romeo Manzano.

“We literally just sit around sometimes and say ‘You know what sounds awesome?’ That’s how everything comes about, ‘You know what sounds bomb?’ we develop everything like that,” Nocos said.

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