Taco Bell Enters Chicken War With Crispy Tortilla Chicken

Taco Bell is adding fried chicken to their menu with the new Crispy Tortilla Chicken. The Mexican fast-casual chain is officially testing out its new chicken in Houston, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, starting tomorrow before launching it across its stores in 2020.

It features all white-meat chicken that’s been marinated in a jalapeño buttermilk marinade and rolled in a tortilla chip coating. Customers can purchase the chicken separately or inside of a taco.

The new item will be served with Taco Bell’s new Creamy Chili Pepper Sauce. It will cost $1.99 for a taco, $2.99 for 2 pieces of chicken, $3.99 for 3 pieces, and will also be available in $5 and $7 boxes.

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